Why of all the medical possibilities out there, hormone medicine is so special Copy

If you’re new to menopause medicine (and hormones in general), then you’re in for a quite a treat.  I’ve found this work to be so profoundly rewarding.  If you’ve worked in hormones already, then we’re here to remove those lingering doubts on complex cases and to take from good to great.  We take our title “Menopause Mastery” very seriously.

To that end, BE READY.  Your willingness to take the deep-dive will make all the difference.  Your commitment to follow-through and committed (non-distracted) study time will make all the difference.  Tapping into that well that got you through your medical training will make all the difference.

I’m all-in too!  At any point through this, know that I want you to share with us what more you need and what more we can to keep increasing the excellence we can offer.  This is a journey for us.

At my own graduation ceremony, I almost fainted.  As I was approaching the podium, the dean of the University of Michigan medical school said into the mic, “physician heal thyself”.  I immediately stumbled.  I was so shaken from those words that my best friend had to help me leave my place and find a place to be alone behind the bleachers.  What I discovered in this moment lead to my career-long love of complementary medicine.  Medical school had prepared me for so much.  Taking care of the human body so that it didn’t get ill in the first place… well, that was my journey (and remember this was 1968: almost no one was actively thinking or working this way.  I had to pioneer my way into a void!).

Hormone medicine came to me almost 25 years ago and I have never looked back.  I am so grateful for all the other specialities.  Much work gets to be done to help these human bodies of ours.  Hormones, I discovered, do so much good in so many areas… eventually for each and every human on earth.  Hormones diminish universally, but our need for them never does.

This makes for such rewarding work.  Immediate, life-changing results ranging from saved careers and marriages to restored sleep after years and years of lost hope and never-ending brain fog.


Welcome.  Let’s get at it!